Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Gingerbread village

My sister was visiting this week, which I thought would be a great excuse to construct an elaborate village out of gingerbread. I had made the single gingerbread cottage last year, but it had felt so lonely and isolated, I decided I needed to ramp it up to an entire neighbourhood this time. There were minor glitches along the way, I lost a ring when I took it off to roll dough - and had to take a break from baking for 2 hours to search for it (I have yet to find it). Also I splashed a bit of caramel on myself whilst sticking the gingerbread pieces together sustained minor burns. Alas, that is the price one must pay for edible housing.
I used the same recipe as last time, but added some caramel windows (Heat caramel till dark brown, then pour over greaseproof paper and let it cool. You can then break off pieces and stick them inside the gingerbread house so they cover the window holes.)

It's difficult to see in the light, but in the dark you can see the fairy lights inside the houses lighting up the windows as above.

I changed the template slightly so the houses were smaller, as I was making more than one. I also added a icing snowman, some pine cones, and cinnamon stick logs.

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