Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oreo Truffles

I realise that I'm not able to post very often lately (which I do intend to change) so in compensation I am going to provide the easiest recipe ever for parties, dinners and food-based gifts: truffles! These ones are oreo filled, I might post about some other options another time.

32 oreos
200g cream cheese
400g dark chocolate
50g white chocolate

Grind the oreos until they become fine powder. Add the cream cheese and mix until well blended. If you want to cut out shapes as I have, at this stage you should spread the mixture evenly over a tray and refrigerate until it becomes firm enough to be cut into shapes (about 1-2 hours). otherwise you can directly roll it into little balls.
Melt the dark chocolate, then let cool slightly. Dip balls in chocolate and place on wax paper-covered baking sheet. Refrigerate until the chocolate has firmed (about half an hour).

Melt the white chocolate, then using a pipe or rolled up parchment paper decorate the oreos. Refrigerate again until the truffles are firm.



  1. o kadar ümit verip, bensiz yapman...

  2. aşk olsun, sana yapıcaktım istemedin!
    ki obezite sorunların göz önünde bulundurulursa bu en doğrusunu yaptın :P